The Galbadia Bar and Lounge

In Association with Eorzea Garden

The Galbadia Bar and Lounge is an high class venue for the most discerning of Eorzeans. With a menu of expensive and exclusive delights, The Galbadia is the perfect place to spend the night in style.

Open Every Friday At 11pm EST, 10pm CT, 9pm MT, 8pm PST

Address : Mateus, Goblet Ward 9, Plot 30, Goblet Southeast


Owner: Luk'a Amariyo
Discord: Kazran#1670
FC: Eorzea Garden

Help Wanted!

The Galbadia is looking for servers and bartenders to work our open hours! Please contact us if interested

All workers will be required to wear the uniform while working. All uniforms will be provided by the Glabadia.

All workers are IC payed a quality salary plus any tips earned.

The Uniform

Patrician's Set (lvl. 50)
Best Man's set (lvl. 1)

All uniforms will be provided unless you already own the outfit.

The Patrician top must be dyed wine red and the Bottoms black!